In 2012, owner/President, Dan Berty created 3D Analytics and Consulting after a highly successful 28 year career working for Canadian life insurance companies. His consulting services capitalize on his own personal experience and those of his industry associates.  

Dan's on hands on expertise includes; IT & business transformation project leadership, insurance claims & call center operations & practices, health benefit design, emergency travel assistance service management, outsourcing management, off-shoring, greenfield start-ups, industry associations, fraud management, e-health strategy development, and the pharmacy industry strategy.

Through consulting engagements lasting several days to months, we leverage our extensive insurance industry network, and have provided invaluable assistance to clients in navigating the health and dental insurance landscape.

Business philosophy

We believe strongly in win/win engagements.  All advice, no matter how significant, must to be based on trust in order to be useful.   We value your confidence in us, maintaining confidentiality, adhering to time commitments, and above all complete honestly.   If we feel decisions are being based on questionable strategy or outcomes that can’t be quantified we will let you know.  We never enter into engagements that will cause a conflict of interest with other clients.  Our commitments are based on our values, so if we feel there isn't a fit, we will tell you.  Your satisfaction is paramount.