We provide insight on insurer’s capabilities in health and dental benefits.   We also offer insight into plan design options and can measure and predict impacts to benefit costs.

We also provide assistance on creation and/or assessment benefit plan RFPs. We have worked with customers on benefit design offerings and insurer service management including:

- Health spending accounts

- Taxable spending accounts

- Cost plus services

- Health and dental benefit design and eligibility including co-insurance and deductible options

- Drug card services

- Emergency travel assistance

- Fraud management capabilities

- Claims audit scope and finding assessments

Our value proposition leverages our deep knowledge of insurer call centre and claims adjudication processes, systems, and capabilities so as to provide practical advice on the offerings being proposed by insurers from price and capability perspectives. We also can advise on strategies to get more benefits for employees while avoiding benefit plan cost increases. We provide unique insight on negotiating strategies in the areas of service pricing and terms for insurer services.

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