ESTAblishing YOUR fit and value TO insurers

Group benefits insurance is like no other business.  Sure, there is significant risk management activity but that's just a component.  It is really business of balancing product evolution, a need for continuous efficiency gain, analytics, offsetting very low margin business lines with high margin lines, and ensuring brand value through customer service.

Often service suppliers and technology companies don't know where there services fit best, how their products might best used, how to navigate the insurance organization, and what the more unique & pressing needs in each insurer are.

Based current on inside knowledge, we excel at helping companies find the right people to talk too, and providing expert advice on where & how their service offering can truly add value.

We offer consulting services for:
- Software companies
- Outsourcing service suppliers
-Travel assistance companies
- Imaging and workflow companies
- Project management service firms & consultants
- e-commerce & e-claim companies

Let us share some of our success stories. Contact us to set up a discussion to see where & how we can make a difference.